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A watch for pilots by pilots

Based in Las Vegas, The Abingdon Co. now boasts a portfolio of eight watches for both men and women in 37 different color and strap combinations; cases range in size from 33mm to 41.5mm.

“Pilots are typically adventurous people,” Mullin said, “they’re also scuba divers, they race cars, they do all these other things. So we now make watches for the dive industry, for automotive, and tactical watches.” 

The timepieces come in a variety of styles and colors and provide things like an E6B flight calculator, compass, dual time or

 three time zone capability, and the patent-pending ALPHABezel to “assist in remembering ATIS when you fly…” All of the bands are interchangeable to fit the needs of the wearer. “When I preflight my airplane,” Mullin describes, “I put the silicone band on, so I don’t scratch the airplane when I’m leaning up over the wing. Then I’ll take the silicone strap off and put the metal band back on and I’ll go to a lovely event where everyone is dressed up. One watch multi-purpose, that’s the idea.”

Photo Courtesy of The Abingdon Co.

On making the watches, Abingdon explains, “It’s not unlike an airplane, they’re both mechanical. The movement is the engine of the watch, we use Swiss, Japanese, and American movements.” The timepieces are built with sapphire crystals, all-metal movements, and no alloy materials. “The watches are built tough.” Mullin said, “We over engineer the watch…If somebody is looking for a watch that’s always going to run, and they want something that has the GMT, flight computers, and things, they might want to consider an Abingdon watch, they’re made for pilots, by pilots.”

The watches range in price from the low $400s to $900 and can be purchased online. You can also visit The Abingdon Co. on Instagram

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