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AeroLEDs’ landing, taxi lights approved for Part 27 helicopters

AeroLEDs taxi and landing lights are available for more than 200 makes and models of rotorcraft certified under Part 27. Image courtesy of AeroLEDs.

The FAA granted supplemental type certificate approval of the SunSpot 36 and 46 series LEDs on December 17. According to AeroLEDs, the STC covers “nearly all ‘Normal’ category rotorcraft.” This includes helicopters by Airbus, Bell, Robinson, Sikorsky, MD Helicopters, Leonardo, Orlando Helicopters, Enstrom, and more.

The SunSpot Series lights are 10 times more efficient, draw 40 percent less power than incandescent lights, can be seen up to 30 miles away, are resistant to vibration and shock, and create less drag on the airplane or helicopter, the company said.

In addition, “these LEDs do not interfere with NVG equipment and are available with integrated pulse for optimum visibility during extreme operating conditions,” AeroLEDs said.

The SunSpot Series has been STCed for Part 23 aircraft since 2011.

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