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Air Safety Institute introduces Safety Spotlights

Let’s say you’ve tried to find comprehensive safety information on a specific subject. Alas, such information is often scattered across multiple websites, and that puts the burden on you to gather from various sources everything that’s pertinent to your quest. Here’s the good news: Look no further than the Air Safety Institute’s new Safety Spotlights, which neatly package critical information on a safety topic in one place.

Each new Safety Spotlight pulls, updates, and merges relevant safety information from previous Air Safety Institute Safety Advisors, Safety Briefs, online courses, and other pertinent sources to bring you an extensive all-in-one safety topic at your fingertips.

What does a Safety Spotlight look like? Each one features a refreshing, modern, rich design—easy to access anywhere, on any device. Immediately engage with the material as the pages come alive with images, animations, and embedded multimedia. Easily navigate through a spotlight and jump from one to another section of interest. As each section addresses a specific topic—similar to chapters in a course—there’s no need to follow a specific order. For example, the “Fuel Management” Safety Spotlight includes sections on fuel calculation, fuel systems, the fueling process, and in-flight fuel management.

Another advantage of this rich design: Whether viewing a spotlight on your desktop, tablet, or phone, the text, images, and multimedia scale to whatever screen size you’re using. In addition, simply review text, click on a video, and continue reviewing more material, as all multimedia elements—such as videos, podcasts, and animations—are embedded and play in the page, keeping the information in one place.

Still yearning to delve even deeper into the subject matter? The “Rules to Live By” section—which summarizes items important to keep in mind—includes links to related resources to help you do just that.

By the way, as a flight school manager or certificated flight instructor, you’ll find these spotlights are great for planning ground school and assigning homework to your students—they’ll be well-prepared for the next flight lesson.

Finally, earn a certificate of completion and credit in your Air Safety Institute education transcript for reviewing a spotlight.

So, show your pride in continuing your aviation safety knowledge and your support for improving our GA safety culture: Visit the new Safety Spotlights, review one of interest to you, and download your certificate to frame for your office or hangar. If you don’t already have an account with the Air Safety Institute or AOPA, you can create a free account to access all of the institute’s safety education resources. Note, the completion certificate does not count for FAA Wings program credit.

The Air Safety Institute is funded by charitable donations to the AOPA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. To be a part of the solution, visit

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