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Airdrop for Ukraine

Aviation Adventures, which operates five flight schools across the state of Virginia, will offer participants the chance to test their accuracy in hitting a target by dropping a beanbag from a general aviation aircraft.

Air droppers can purchase beanbags and arrange for one or multiple passes over the target area in their own aircraft. The minimum crew for those bringing an aircraft is pilot and beanbag dropper. Beanbag droppers can also arrange to ride along with one of Aviation Adventures’ commercial pilots for an additional cost. The Flying Circus, known for its long-running airshow in Virginia, will also be providing ride-alongs for the drop for an additional fee. Aircraft will be flying at 60 to 70 mph at 50 feet above the ground.

Participants can win prizes including gift certificates from area stores and restaurants based on the accuracy of their drop. The first air dropper to get their beanbag into the target will win $1,000.

The observation deck of the new terminal building offers a great view of the drop zone. This is a family-friendly event with food trucks and activities for all ages.

All proceeds will benefit World Central Kitchen and its efforts in Ukraine. World Central Kitchen, created by Chef José Andrés, has been providing meals to those affected by natural disasters, human-made crises, and humanitarian emergencies around the world since 2010.

Those interested in participating in the drop or learning more can do so online.

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