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AOPA Day at Sporty’s set for October 21

Sporty’s Pilot Shop is one of the top go-to aviation retailers for many pilots. The company sells more than 1,000 “new and exclusive” products, including headsets, pilot apparel, cockpit accessories, and more.

It is also a major player in the flight training industry, offering numerous products targeting everyone from student pilots to airline transport pilots. More than 200,000 of Sporty’s Learn to Fly course users have soloed. A flight school associated with Sporty’s on the field trains numerous pilots—I trained and earned my recreational certificate at Sporty’s and passed my CFI checkride there.

And for those who live within easy flying distance of Sporty’s headquarters at Batavia, Ohio, it’s known for excellent in-person service and yummy Saturday fly-in hot dogs. They’ve served more than 256,000 of those hot dogs, by the way (a few of those to me).

Now, Sporty’s is offering a special deal for AOPA members—free shipping on October 21. And for pilots who aren’t members, the company will be offering an attractive membership sign-up offer. To receive free shipping on October 21, use promo code AOPA1020 when you place your order. You don’t need to have your membership number.

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