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AOPA issues urgent call to support Hartford-Brainard Airport

The AOPA Expo in 2007 drew a crowd to Hartford-Brainard Airport in Hartford, Connecticut. The airport remains an asset to the city and state, which would both be well-served by increased investment, not closure, a legislative investigation concluded. AOPA file photo by Chris Rose.

The proposed bill would ultimately force the state to violate federal grant obligations by preventing the Connecticut Airport Authority from making safety and infrastructure investments, and jeopardize the roughly $59 million in annual economic impact generated by operating the airport, which has served the region for more than a century.

In recent months, Connecticut lawmakers have been seriously considering closing the waterfront airport in favor of redevelopment—entirely ignoring a 2016 study which found the airport to be the best use of the property.

In response, AOPA has been working with local pilots, tenants, and friends of the airport to establish the Hartford Brainard Airport Association and defend the historic field. In its latest call to action, AOPA warns of the consequences should the bill pass, including setting in motion a state-funded study to repurpose the airport land for non-aeronautical development.

The bill is expected to be debated on the Connecticut Senate floor in the coming days.

To ensure this bill does not hurt Hartford-Brainard Airport, please contact your local state legislators in the House and Senate. Identify yourself as a resident of the district and urge them to strike lines 32 through 36 from paragraph D of Section 1 in Senate Bill 463.

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