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AOPA, NBAA seek feedback on proposed pilot records database

The proposed rule would require all owners and/or operators with two or more aircraft that require a type rating, and who employ pilots, to keep information about their pilots’ currency and backgrounds in the new digital pilot records database. This information would be used during the hiring process to vet professional pilots seeking employment, affecting many pilots working toward higher qualifications and positions.

“Pilots and/or corporate flight departments may need to spend significant time entering data into the digital PRD system to keep records current. We are interested in the amount of time you think it may take and additional resources that may be required to comply with new directives related to the FAA’s proposed rule and the new digital platform,” the two associations said.

AOPA and NBAA will use the survey responses to provide feedback to the FAA regarding the impact its proposed rule would have on pilots, owners, and operators.

The 16-question survey should take only a few minutes to complete.

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