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ATP expecting 25 low-wing trainers for 2021 delivery

Since the flight training company jointly announced a 100-aircraft order with Piper Aircraft Inc. in 2018, 55 Archers have been delivered. The base price of an Archer TX is $380,000.

An ATP representative said the new aircraft will primarily be placed at locations along the East Coast and will support training centers that are opening this year in Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; Birmingham, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee; and Lakeland.

By year-end, 80 Piper Archer TX models will have been delivered since 2018, upping the school’s overall Archer count to 180 aircraft.

To date, there are 155 Piper Archers in ATP’s training fleet of 425 aircraft at 59 locations stretching from Florida to California. ATP expects the 2021 deliveries to bring its total aircraft on the flight line to 450 by December 31.

Despite an economic slowdown from the coronavirus pandemic, industry experts are confident public travel will pick up in the months ahead, leading to demand for more pilots, technicians, and aviation support personnel. Aviation companies have hired 477 ATP graduates in the past 18 months.

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