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ATP, Frontier Airlines announce pilot pathway program

Successful applicants in the accelerated Frontier Direct Program may interview with Frontier and receive a conditional employment offer while they continue to earn the required 1,250 to 1,500 hours of total flight time.

The accelerated program includes enhanced training in an Airbus A320 full-motion flight simulator that helps pilots master the airline’s regulations, procedures, and culture.

ATP President Justin Dennis said he was appreciative of the Frontier Airlines connection. “This program is a tremendous career opportunity for ATP graduates, while helping Frontier access a pool of highly qualified, professional pilots who appreciate the opportunity to fly for Frontier.”

Frontier Airlines Vice President of Flight Operations Brad Lambert said he was proud to partner with ATP, which counts 53 locations and 426 aircraft in the training fleet. “We have been impressed with the caliber of candidates we have seen. Coordinating with ATP to enhance their jet transition program helps to evaluate and improve in the skill set required to be a safe and successful airline pilot.”

Frontier Airlines is headquartered in Denver and operates more than 100 Airbus A320 aircraft, with 150 new Airbus aircraft on order.

A joint ATP and Frontier Airlines news release said that four pilots have already completed a proof-of-concept program that began in 2020. All four pilots have been “flying the line with Frontier after successfully completing new-hire training” and other operations.

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