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Becoming an airline pilot today

ATP Flight School offers the most efficient path to becoming an airline pilot. As the largest flight school, ATP has placed graduates at airlines every year since 1984, helping pilots navigate industry challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Today, that experience is being put to work through developing new partnerships and delivering competitive advantages to place graduates in pilot jobs.

Amid fluctuations in airline passenger demand, other sectors of the industry are seeing opportunity. Cargo airlines and private jet operators are more isolated from airline passenger demand changes, and some operators are even expanding their fleet. To take advantage of today’s hiring, ATP has formed hiring partnerships with these operators, all focused on one goal – career advancement through pilot job placement.

Strategic partnerships with Freight Runners Express, Martinair, West Coast Aviation Services, and STA Jets are benefiting ATP-trained pilots today by creating pathways that allow them to be hired into turbine and jet category aircraft with as low as 750 hours of total flight time. The advanced training capabilities of ATP are integral in making these innovative partnerships possible. Depending on the cargo or corporate operator’s need, pilots participating in the hiring pathway programs attend a 25-hour turbine pilot standardization course through ATP JETS. Custom-tailored jet and avionics training ensure a well-qualified pilot, ready for their initial type rating.

As the leading supplier of pilots to the nation’s airlines, ATP continues to evolve and adapt the Airline Career Pilot Program to meet students’ needs today. For no additional cost, ATP began including the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) to give students the edge in a competitive job market. This FAA-approved program provides students with ground instruction on air carrier operations and six hours of full-motion Airbus or Boeing simulator experience.

The benefits of having done the ATP CTP are two-fold: Airline recruiters will look to hire the most qualified pilots, and students who already have the required program complete will stand out as a more competitive, airline-ready pilot. Graduates can also take advantage of today’s pilot hiring, having access to more job opportunities where completion of the ATP CTP is required.

Student pilots starting training today will face a different job market by the time they are ready for employment. While new hiring partnerships and increased program benefits are placing pilots in jobs today, it is also allowing aspiring pilots to pursue their career now and not lose valuable airline seniority. With over 35 years of experience and commitment to career advancement, ATP Flight School is defining a clear path for the next generation of pilots, so they can train confidently, knowing they’ll be competitive and ready for retirement-driven demand.

ATP Flight School

If you are ready to take the first step towards achieving your dream, ATP is ready to assist. With airline-oriented training, guaranteed flight instructor job, airline tuition reimbursement, and over 20 hiring alliances, ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program is your airline career solution from zero time to airline pilot job in about two years.

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