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Boeing Business Jets marks twenty-fifth anniversary

Boeing Business Jets also took the opportunity to mark 25 years in business, with more than 250 deliveries since 1996. The company also announced an order for a BBJ 737-8 from an undisclosed customer.

“Interest in private and business aviation has increased during the pandemic recovery to today,” said Boeing Business Jets President James Detwiler. Detwiler also cited flight schools adding capacity for airlines and private operators as a driver of this increased demand.

According to Boeing Business Jets, business aviation traffic has recovered to 15 percent above pre-pandemic numbers of 2019. At the same time, executives stated that the surge in business jet demand has put some strains on the supply chain, as product deliveries are not expected to fully recover until mid-2022.

Boeing is finding that first-time buyers are fueling much of this increase.

“Private aviation is attracting those who have previously flown first or business class,” said Boeing Business Jets Director of Marketing Alex Fecteau. “More than 30 percent of our new orders are from first-time buyers.”

Fecteau also touted the appeal of an inherent safety profile as a reason why more individuals and businesses are turning to private aviation.

“While the number of touchpoints for a typical airline trip can number 700, flying private can reduce that to just about 30,” he explained. “There’s a greatly perceived measure of increased safety flying private.”

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