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Borrowing a Plane, Need MORE Insurance?

You own your own plane but want to borrow a friend’s. Do you need to purchase more insurance? Say you own a Cessna 172 and need access to a complex aircraft for a brief time. So, you want to borrow your friend’s Mooney to complete your commercial check ride. Do you need to purchase additional insurance to cover the borrowed aircraft?

Fortunately, most of our policies include “non-owned” or renter insurance as part of the owner insurance policy. Most of the time, it’s included FREE!

Check out your policy to make sure. Look for a section entitled “use of other aircraft” or some variation of it. The section will define exactly what’s covered for both liability and physical damage to the borrowed or rented aircraft. However, this does not mean you can rent a jet or helicopter, and have your policy cover it, unless that is what you own and insure on your policy. Typical restrictions include a maximum of 6 seats, a 300-horsepower engine and the borrowed/rented aircraft must be in the same category and class, and for the same use as your insured aircraft. Notice that gear configuration is typically not a restriction…so good news but review the paragraph or two in your policy. Hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised that this complementary coverage is fairly broad.

As always, AssuredPartners Aerospace, AOPA’s partner for aviation insurance, is here to help you review your policy anytime you have questions. Let us help you navigate the aviation insurance market. Call us at 800.622.2672, or visit

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