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Burning bright in the AirVenture night

Attendees gather at the AOPA 39 Lounge during the night airshow at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 272. Photo by David Tulis.

The views are great from just about anywhere on the grounds, but AOPA Senior Photographer David Tulis staked out a spot near our 39 Lounge, where we host festivities, along with live podcast recordings and celebrity meet-and-greets through the week.

That’s only the beginning of what we’ve been offering to members and guests throughout the show, so you might find something you have missed here. (Scroll down to find information on advertiser specials offered during the show.)

Speaking of things you may have missed, we continue to update our AirVenture News Digest daily (around 5 p.m., give or take) to offer an at-a-glance version of our news of the day.

Do not forget to check in and collect a card for our AOPA Poker Run National Flight Challenge before departing the show. We are aware that one poor fellow visited several airports but held off on checking in with the AOPA App while at each airport, hoping to catch up on clicks back at home. That is not how this works. Land, maybe grab a bite, get some fuel, but do check in before further flight to maximize your return.

Speaking of airports to fly to, don’t let the AirVenture dazzle and/or daze make you forget to plan to join us in September in Spokane, Washington, for our first Hangout of 2022. There is more fun to be had before summer is through.

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