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Buying an aircraft? AOPA is here to help

Getting started

Just starting your search for the perfect aircraft? These AOPA resources can help you find aircraft with the capabilities, performance, and features that fit the kind of flying you plan to do.

AOPA Aircraft Guide

The AOPA Aircraft Guide lists more than 88 aircraft that are currently in production and includes model overviews, specifications, performance, and airspeeds. Use the AOPA Aircraft Guide to find the ideal aircraft for you.

Operating cost calculator 

AOPA’s Operating Cost Calculator is designed to help AOPA members estimate the operating cost for a broad range of aircraft by looking at each area of cost and figuring out annual and per-flight-hour expenses.

Considering a used aircraft or selling your current one

Tips on buying used aircraft

Purchasing an aircraft is a major investment that should be thoroughly considered. The tips and resources found here, if taken seriously, can help you feel confident and ready to make your purchase.

First-time buyers 

AOPA’s guide for first-time buyers can help you establish a realistic budget, apply and get approved for financing, negotiate your purchase, and close on your first aircraft!

VREF Aircraft Valuation 

The AOPA Aircraft Valuation Service can be used as a starting point that provides guidance on the retail value for selected aircraft, based in part on equipment, time since overhaul, and other significant factors.

Financing Resources

AOPA Aviation Finance can assist with aircraft loans, lowering your interest rate, and even upgrading to a more sophisticated aircraft!

Purchasing for business 

Buying an aircraft for business travel demands a thorough understanding of the factors that could affect your purchase. Working with experienced aviation professionals, like the AOPA Aviation Finance team, can help you every step of the way.

Upgrading to a more sophisticated aircraft

Ready to move into a more sophisticated aircraft but not sure how much aircraft you need? This resource goes over upgrading from your first aircraft and finding the perfect aircraft to meet your needs, multiengine piston vs entry level turboprop, and purchasing your first jet.

Getting pre-approved 

Being pre-approved for an aircraft loan can help you narrow your search and avoid frustration when finding that perfect aircraft. Find out whether pre-approval makes sense for you.

Know before you buy

Prepurchase inspection

A prepurchase (sometimes referred to as a “prebuy”) inspection is your chance to learn everything you need to know about your potential investment. From a thorough inspection into the mechanical and cosmetic condition to the legal status of the aircraft, a prebuy will ensure your aircraft is airworthy and give you piece of mind.

For more information on prepurchase inspections:

Check out this video: “Prepurchase Inspection: STCs

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pre-Buy Inspections

Aircraft Insurance, Title and Escrow Services

Aircraft Title and Escrow Services – Aero-Space Reports

AOPA’s strategic partner, Aero-Space Reports, a leader in the aviation title industry for more than 50 years, provides aircraft title and escrow services to AOPA members at a discount.

Aircraft Insurance – AssuredPartners Aerospace

AssuredPartners Aerospace represents the collective talent and experience of the general aviation industry’s leading insurance brokerage firms and their people. AssuredPartners Aerospace provides aircraft owner and renter, CFI, flying club, corporate aircraft, aviation business, and lake aircraft insurance.

Reminder to members: Keep up to date on your insurance premiums and don’t let your insurance policies lapse.

Handy checklists and resources

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