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Bye Aerospace provides updates on eFlyer

“Bye Aerospace is very pleased to work with industry-leading Garmin and their engineering team on the world’s first 14 CFR 23 normal category electric aircraft and avionics suite,” said George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. “We want to provide our flight school customers with the best user experience possible, and we believe the G500 TXi is the ideal avionics package.”

In other news, Bye said that advances in the eFlyer 4’s aerodynamic analysis performance characteristics continue. “The projected aerodynamic performance for this 200-knot airplane continues to mature and improve. This is due to its sleek fuselage profile and advanced wing design. The eFlyer 4’s unprecedented 48-inch wide cabin is quiet and without compromise and will carry an 860-pound payload,” he said.

The eFlyer 4, targeted for the air taxi and advanced training markets, will be powered by a 200-kW (268 horsepower) all-electric propulsion system.

Bye recently unveiled its eight-seat eFlyer 800 and announced purchase deposit agreements with fractional operators Jet It and JetClub, and Rheinland Air Service GmbH. Denver-based aircraft leasing company Skye Aviation LLC is the latest company to complete purchase deposits, reserving 15 eFlyer 800 aircraft.

“Skye Aviation is thrilled to be the world’s first all-electric aircraft leasing firm and to be able to exclusively offer Bye Aerospace’s eFlyer family of eCTOL aircraft,” Skye Aviation’s Carol Johnson said of the electric conventional takeoff and landing aircraft. “Skye fully supports sustainable, safe aviation leasing solutions for our customers while at the same time slashing eCTOL operating costs, aircraft noise, maintenance and supply requirements efforts. We embrace innovation that offers our customers far less capital-intensive solutions for training, passenger, air cargo, private, business, and military operations. In this sense, we all win.”

Among all its proposed models, Bye said it has a production backlog of approximately 800 eFlyer aircraft.

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