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CAU forms Elite Partnership with SkyWest Airlines

“We’re very excited to team up with SkyWest Airlines and offer our students an enhanced pathway to the top regional airline in the nation,” said Matthew Johnston, president of California Aeronautical University. “As they graduate from CAU, they’ll be well-prepared to join SkyWest Airlines and begin their next step on their aviation journey.”

Through SkyWest’s Pilot Pathway Program, eligible students will have enhanced seniority, access to pilot mentors, and a guaranteed final interview for a first officer position at SkyWest.

The Elite Partnership is an enhancement of CAU’s standard partnership with SkyWest, established in 2016. 

As an Elite Partner, CAU students may have access to benefits like tuition reimbursement programs up to $17,500, workshops, events, and a CAU assigned SkyWest liaison.

After flying at least 24 months as a SkyWest captain, pilots will have access to interviews with Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, or Southwest Airlines.

“Many of our students aspire to become airline pilots,” Raschel Grant, director of graduate services at CAU, said in a press release. “Through strong partnerships with regional airlines like SkyWest Airlines that are highly sought by the major airlines, our goal is to create a variety of opportunities for our graduates and help them reap the benefits of these relationships.”

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