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Club Meeting 12/10/2020

Main topics covered

  1. Certified Flight Instructor availability in Lewistown, Montana
  2. Potential Aircraft Opportunity
  3. General club rules, discussion, funds

The club meeting started by introducing several flight instructors that are currently accepting students. There are two different instructors that are willing to work with the flight club. This is good news considering the current situation in Lewistown, Montana. In the past, there has been a shortage of Certified Flight Instructors and access to aircraft. With the opportunities presented, we foresee there being much more opportunity for individuals to begin learning in Lewistown, Montana.

We also looked into an aircraft opportunity. A Cessna 150 in seemingly good condition and low hours is available for sale in Missoula. It was decided that the Cessna 150 would be suitable starter aircraft for the club since it offers a lower hourly cost to fly. This translates to lower costs for hour building and training. The club is waiting until the new year to discuss this opportunity further.

The meeting ended with discussion on flight training and funds. We tried to explain some of the requirements for getting a pilots license and heard from some about past experiences of training.

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