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Daher debuts TBM 960

The new TBM 960 is the most sophisticated TBM yet, featuring several big improvements. Topping the list is the TBM 960’s engine, a Pratt & Whitney PT6E-66XT rated for 1,844 shaft horsepower in thermodynamic power terms, and derated to 850-shp like predecessor designs. This allows more power with lower internal temperatures at higher cruise altitudes. The new engine comes with a 5,000-hour overhaul interval, and hot section inspections required between 2,000 and 3,000 hours.

The engine drives a new 1,925-rpm, five-blade, composite-construction Hartzell Raptor propeller designed to keep noise down, reduce weight, and produce less vibration.

FADEC (full authority digital engine control) is another new feature incorporated into the TBM 960. A single power lever—Daher calls it an “E-throttle”—controls the engine and propeller, and automatically prevents the engine from exceeding temperature limits. Yet another new system automates the start sequence.

Also new to the panel is Garmin’s GDL flight parameter recorder with a 4G WiFi transceiver for automatic database updates, along with Garmin’s new GWX 8000, an airborne Doppler weather radar unit with automatic threat analysis.

The airplane also has environmental control panels for temperature control in the passenger cabin, dimmable windows, and redesigned seats for more comfort. TBM’s HomeSafe Autoland system is another standard feature.

The $4.8 million TBM 960 replaces the TBM 940 and joins the $3.9 million TBM 910 in Daher’s product line for 2022.

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