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Dynon autopilot cleared for Skylane

After the SkyView HDX was rolled out for the experimental market in 2016, Dynon created a certified products division and began acquiring supplemental type certificate approvals, a list that grew to 592 single-engine piston aircraft by 2019.

Packed with modern capabilities such as synthetic vision, Dynon’s line of certified avionics competes on price for both products and installation, as AOPA Pilot Editor at Large Dave Hirschman documented from firsthand experience replacing the 7-inch SkyView display in his Van’s RV–4 with a SkyView HDX that lived up to its plug-and-play pitch.

Dynon’s latest STC covers Cessna 182E and later Skylane models, authorizing installation of the autopilot that is an optional add-on to the SkyView HDX. Priced at $4,870, the two-axis autopilot is capable of coupled approaches when connected to compatible navigation devices. That price includes all required hardware, brackets, and servo harnesses. Dynon offers autopilot add-ons, including a $579 SkyView Autopilot Control Panel that provides dedicated controls, and a $295 Knob Control Panel that allows pilots to adjust altitude, heading/track, and altimeter settings using the knobs.

Dynon has a network of authorized installers, and customers can also purchase the equipment directly.

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