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Dynon SkyView HDX approved for Piper Senecas

The approval, including autopilot, is for SkyView HDX’s full range of capabilities, including twin-engine monitoring and two-axis autopilot with coupled approach capability, Dynon said in a November 11 news release.

The installation, which typically weighs 50 to 80 pounds less than the legacy instruments being replaced, and usually enables removal of the vacuum pump, provides an uncluttered panel layout that enhances safety and reduces workload, said Woodinville, Washington-based Dynon.

“We’re thrilled to expand Dynon’s reach to twin-engine type certificated aircraft, starting with the Piper Seneca,” said Dynon Director of Marketing Michael Schofield. “With this approval, SkyView HDX is in a class by itself for affordable and capable twin-aircraft avionics upgrades. With SkyView HDX, Seneca owners can also add Dynon’s full-featured autopilot for up to half the cost of other autopilots.”

The SkyView HDX’s core system “provides complete primary flight instrumentation, including synthetic vision, and navigation and mapping with flight planning.” The approval for the Piper Seneca comes with a “twin-engine monitoring solution, covering all CHTs, EGTs, fuel flow, fuel computer, and lean assist.” It includes options for a Mode S transponder with ADS-B Out, communications radio, ADS-B traffic and weather display, and EFB features. A complete set of standby flight instruments is provided by a Dynon EFIS-D10A flight display, the company said.

SkyView HDX pricing for the Piper Seneca core system starts at $14,189 including a 10-inch display that provides primary flight instrumentation, synthetic vision, mapping and flight planning, and the standby EFIS-D10A flight display. Twin-engine monitoring with a dedicated display adds $7,377, and includes all engine probes such as CHTs, EGTs, and fuel flow, Dynon said.

The integrated autopilot is available for “half the price of competing products,” with configurations starting at $8,580 for a full-featured, two-axis system. For more information, visit the Dynon Avionics website.

Approved Piper Seneca models include all PA–34-200 Seneca, PA–34-200T Seneca II, PA–34-220T Seneca III, PA–34-220T, Seneca IV, and PA–34-220T Seneca V models. Autopilot is available for Seneca II, III, IV, and V models, except serial numbers 34-7570001 through 34-8170092 when equipped with pneumatic deicing boots, according to the news release.

The SkyView HDX is currently approved for installation in nearly 600 piston single-engine aircraft models, and Dynon expects further approvals for single- and twin-engine aircraft in the coming months, the announcement said.

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