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Embraer commits to SAF, shows off concept designs

Amalfitano pointed out that all of Embraer’s Phenom and Praetor jets used for demonstration and other company business already burn sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). By 2030, he said that 100 percent of the electricity Embraer uses will come from renewable sources. By 2040, the goal is for carbon-neutral status. And by 2050, all its new jets will have zero carbon emissions.

Other green initiatives include Embraer’s Ipanema crop dusters, which have been converted to 100 percent electrical propulsion in Brazil, plus electric vertical takeoff and landing and other concept designs that Embraer is exploring. Work continues on Embraer’s Eve eVTOL, and Amalfitano also said that three other alternative-propulsion designs are being explored under the Energia brand name.

One Energia design is envisioned as a hybrid-electric nine-seater; another would be a fully electric-powered nine-seater; and the most ambitious, a 19-passenger design, would be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

In other news, Embraer announced that FlightSafety International will be building full flight simulators for the Praetor 500 and 600. The simulators will be in FlightSafety’s Orlando Training Center and be operational in the second quarter of 2023.

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