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FAA launches forty-third annual GA survey

The confidential survey, which takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, is the only source of information on the GA fleet’s activity in the previous year, such as the number of hours flown and the ways people use GA aircraft.

Data on more than 80,000 aircraft, or about 30 percent of the GA fleet, contributes to the research effort.

Survey data is used to determine safety metrics such as accident rates, and to understand the impact of the GA industry on jobs, economic output, and investments in aviation infrastructure. Having information across a broad range of aircraft helps policymakers determine funding for aviation services, assess the impact of regulatory changes, and more.

Participation is voluntary. AOPA encourages everyone who is contacted about the survey by email or postcard to participate—even if you did not fly your aircraft in 2020, or if you sold it, or if it was damaged.

There is an abbreviated survey form available for owners/operators of three or more aircraft. Contact the survey firm, Tetra Tech, toll-free at 800-826-1797 or by email.

Some owners who were asked to participate in the preceding survey may be contacted again in 2021. Certain groups of aircraft are surveyed annually to better understand aviation activity of high-use groups, such as turbine aircraft, rotorcraft, newer aircraft, and Alaska-based aircraft.

Over the years the survey has more than doubled in size to provide better statistical estimates without compromising confidentiality. Survey content is also updated to reflect changes in regulations and equipage, including advancements in avionics.

Past survey results may be viewed on the FAA website.

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