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FAA notes concern about Cessna 120, 140 seat belt brackets

The FAA circulated the request for information in a December 14 airworthiness concern sheet about the bracket, part number 0425132, that was used on early models of the single-engine taildraggers.

“Cessna Aircraft Company changed the design to steel for later model Cessna 120 and 140 airplanes and now only provides steel brackets as a replacement part for the aluminum bracket,” it says.

According to the ACS, Cessna Aircraft parent company Textron Aviation issued Cessna Single Engine Service Bulletin SEB-25-03 in response to a July 5, 2014, fatal accident. In April 2015, the FAA issued Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) CE-15-13, which recommended that aluminum brackets be replaced with steel brackets as provided in the service bulletin.

Operators are now being asked to provide information including “description of damage, available photos, airplane serial number, type of seat belt installed, and details of failure discovery.”

They can submit their information by email or by mail to the address provided in the ACS.

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