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FAA working to update private-use airport listings

Owners who would like to review the information on file for their private-use airports can visit this web page, then click “Quick Links” at the top right corner of the page and select “Private Airport Report” from the menu that appears.

The FAA is attempting to contact private-use airport owners by mail, so it is important to ensure that a correct mailing address is also on file, said Adam Williams, AOPA manager of airport policy.

Private-use airports that have not had information updates for more than 20 years may be removed from aeronautical charts. There are currently 163 such airports, and the FAA is specifically asking their owners to respond by January 23.

Even if an airport is removed from charts, it remains in the FAA’s database. Removal from a chart has no impact on state or local approvals, but if the owner wants the airport to appear again on charts, it would be necessary to inform the FAA that the airport is still active. In that case, the airport would be restored to the chart during the next 56-day chart publication cycle.

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