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Fashionable flight safety

“LIFT aviation was founded on the idea of bringing cutting edge innovation and modern technologies to iconic aviation products that pilots have come to know and love” Braydn Lentz, the company’s brand and sales manger told AOPA, “to not only enhance their flying experience, but also provide them with stronger and safer products they rely on from wheels up to wheels down.”

The company’s catalog includes basic pilot necessities like kneeboards, pilot shoes, and sunglasses, as well as aviation safety equipment such as flight helmets, gloves, and eye protection. 

“Quality materials, innovation and new technologies are the focal point of every product we design.” Lentz said. 

Jim Bourke flies his aerobatic plane during the International Aerobatic Club, Chapter 77 meeting at the Corvallis Municipal Airport. Photo courtesy of Lift Aviation.

Pilots from across the industry are utilizing flight helmets to protect themselves in the event of a bailout, accident, or hard landing. “Fatalities are high in recent years and we hope to promote safety and quality products to everyone,” Lentz said. General aviation pilots purchase helmets for protection flying aerobatics, agriculture, backcountry, helicopters, and other missions.

“I wear my helmet in my Super Decathlon if I need to bail,” said Joe McMurray, a competitive aerobatic pilot and customer “The exit will likely be at a high relative wind. The natural force of that wind may push me back towards the tail of the aircraft. Additionally, I may hit my head or face on the door, cross bar or any number of parts while exiting. Hard landings and collisions with the ground in the aircraft or while parachuting are another concern.”

The AV-1 KOR flight helmet was designed to “improve and advance current aviation helmet technology. It’s lighter, stronger and promotes better breathability than any other helmet on the market today,” Lentz explained. Helmets range in price from $1,349 for the basic option to $1,599 for the carbon fiber helmet.

Photo courtesy of Lift Aviation.

“Pilot shoes are also becoming increasingly popular. They add a level of safety as well as style. Lots of people fly in shoes that aren’t really suitable for flying.” Lentz said. “Our pilot shoes feature a unique patent pending Rudder Control Heel Slider. The heel slider is an injection molded friction-less cleat , which slides effortlessly along the floorboards adding superior rudder control. The LIFT Aviation Pilot shoes are great for both inside and outside the cockpit; with oil-resistant soles, breathable mesh construction, select [fire retardant] models, and improved comfort.”

Pilot shoes are offered in a variety of styles, colors, and materials and prices range from $119 to $299.

The company also markets its products on Instagram.

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