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Fighter pilot content to satisfy your need for speed

Ward Carroll 

Ward Carroll spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy as a Grumman F–14 radar intercept officer serving on aircraft carriers deployed to hot spots around the world. After retiring at the rank of commander, Carroll went on to pen his three bestselling “Punk” novels, praised for their realistic portrayals of a naval aviator’s life in an F–14 squadron.

Carroll’s 158,000 subscribers love his fun and informative weekly posts and aviation content and repeatedly praise Carroll for his educational aviation videos and exciting narratives.

Vincent Aiello, ‘The Fighter Pilot Podcast’ YouTube channel

Vincent Aiello, call sign “Jell-O” (you can learn more about call signs here)  is a retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot and Top Gun attendee and instructor, with nearly 25 years of experience flying the McDonnel-Douglas F/A–18 Hornet and Boeing Super Hornet, General Dynamics F–16 Fighting Falcon, and Douglas A–4 Skyhawk. Aiello’s fighter pilot podcast explores the fascinating world of combat aviation. His YouTube channel has more than 64,000 subscribers and also features raw flying videos and aviation break-down explanations. You can also follow @fighterpilotpodcast on Instagram. 

Hasard Lee

Maj. Justin “Hasard” Lee is a current Lockheed Martin F–35 instructor and pilot for the U.S. Air Force. Prior to flying the F–35, Lee flew F–16s for six years, including 82 combat missions. In 2016, he was selected as the top instructor pilot of the year for the Air Force’s largest F–16 combat wing. Lee created his YouTube channel, which now has more than 178,000 subscribers, to share lessons he’s learned during his time as a fighter pilot as well as to dispel many of the inaccuracies of “armchair experts.” Lee also hosts The Professionals Playbook podcast, where he interviews subject matter experts, and speaks about human-performance, decisions-making, mental-toughness, and how to debrief. You can also follow @hasardlee on Instagram. 

C.W. Lemoine 

C.W. Lemoine is a former F–16 pilot with the U.S. Air Force Reserve and former F/A–18 pilot with the Navy Reserve. He currently flies Boeing 737-800s for a U.S. airline and Northrop T–38As for the Air Force Reserve as an adversary pilot. Lemoine has also penned several military/espionage thriller novels. His YouTube channel was created in 2018 and features a weekly show called “Mondays with Mover.” The channel now has more than 338,000 subscribers. His content includes no-nonsense fighter jet explanations, interviews with fighter pilots, “Mover Ruins Movies (or Gaming),” helicopter videos, and more. Follow @cwlemoine on Instagram.

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