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FlightAware Global adds new feature, subscription options

FlightAware Global Gold and Platinum tier subscribers already have the option to unblock any registered tail number, enabling aircraft operators to track their own aircraft while blocking movements from public view to maintain privacy.

Flight leg sharing, available only to Global Gold and Platinum tier subscribers, allows the limited unblocking of any single flight segment. Users can “share any specific flight leg of a blocked aircraft by offering temporary ‘view only’ access to anyone, even non-account holders, via a simple email.” Now local ground transportation, meeting attendees, passengers, and other stakeholders can be looped into the details of that segment without exposing protected flight history.

“FlightAware Global customers have requested a way to share just a single flight leg on a blocked flight. Now, it’s possible and easily accomplished with the click of an email link,” said Daniel Baker, CEO of FlightAware. “For Global users concerned with privacy, our new flight leg share feature provides enhanced communications and a more coordinated service experience for business aircraft operators, pilots, passengers, and ground vendors.”

Separately, FlightAware announced the launch of FlightAware Global Silver, a lower-cost addition to its flight tracking suite. With monthly subscriptions starting at $60, Global Silver is the base level and newest entry in the three-tier Global flight tracking platform, providing an option for business aircraft operators needing simplified connectivity among dispatchers, flight crews, FBOs, ground support vendors, and passengers, the company said.

Global Silver helps inform stakeholders about the details of any flight in real time. Powered by FlightAware Foresight, a predictive technology used by commercial airlines, Global Silver keeps account users updated through Ready to Taxi alerts, automated status updates, real-time tracking, and accurate ETAs. “Business associates, family, and FBOs can receive alerts from the time a flight is scheduled through taxi, departure, arrival, and parked,” according to a news release.

“FlightAware’s Global Silver offers most of the same robust features as Global Gold and Platinum, but at an even more affordable entry price,” said Baker. “The business aircraft owner or operator who wants to streamline and coordinate all flight-related communications, while maximizing time and efficiency, will find Global Silver invaluable.”

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