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FlightAware launches advanced tracking functions

Known primarily for its free flight tracking services, FlightAware also offers subscription packages that include taxi, takeoff, landing, and parking alerts and other fleet management tools for turbine operators. Through Aviator those tools will now be available to piston operators.

Aviator’s best feature is probably the ability to set alerts for when an airplane begins taxiing, when it takes off, when it lands, and when and where it parks. This is a powerful service for fleet operators needing to keep an eye on their assets, and for loved ones watching from home. The service is also iPad compatible, so the alerts can come as mobile alerts as well.

In addition to enhanced tracking, Aviator also gives users access to FlightAware’s premium weather products, surface visualization, and FBO scheduling.

FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker said, “Aviator was created by FlightAware pilots to share advanced flight tracking features with other piston airplane pilots. … With Aviator, we’re bringing a product with robust tools and processes developed for the most sophisticated flight departments and commercial airlines, right to the GA pilot.”

The service offers two subscription levels. Aviator+ gets users 10 registered aircraft, 25 aircraft for flight tracking alerts, and premium weather layers for $140 a year. The standard version is $70 a year for five registered aircraft.

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