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Fly for fun, gear

The AOPA Poker Run National Flight Challenge ended September 30 with thousands of pilots having participated, hundreds among them completing their seven-card hands, each card drawn at random by checking in at an airport with the AOPA app.

The new game now afoot is bingo, and it works much the same way as our poker run: Land, check in using the Pilot Passport feature on our app (from October 17 to December 31), and get a random virtual ball added to your card if there is a corresponding letter-and-number match. (No purchase or membership is required to participate; see official rules for details.)

Players receive one entry in the challenge for every five balls drawn, up to a maximum of 20 balls and four entries. An additional entry is awarded for each bingo (five balls in a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). Three prizes will be awarded: a Bose A20 headset, a Garmin D2 Air X10 watch, and a Garmin inReach Explorer+ satellite communicator. Each prize also includes a one-year AOPA membership with Pilot Protection Services Plus, and a $100 AOPA Pilot Gear gift card.

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