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Fraud Worries? AOPA Cardholders, Rest Easy.

We, as pilots or aviation fanatics, are a brave bunch, but it can be a scary world we live in. One of the routine things every person with a credit card should look after is the security of their accounts.  There are more scammers and bots than ever before looking to capitalize on a lapse in privacy or protection. In a matter of moments, a bad actor can make away with hard-earned money, leaving you financially vulnerable and frustrated. Fortunately, those with the AOPA World Mastercard® have several things they can look to in order to ease those fears.

The most effective way you, as a cardholder, can protect yourself and your assets is to download the Commerce Bank Mobile App and monitor it regularly. Monitoring card activity allows you to quickly recognize any inconsistent or suspicious charges and respond accordingly before further damage occurs. The app allows users to instantly freeze transactional activities in the event that a card is misplaced or information is compromised, allowing for easier traceability and peace of mind. An added bonus is that the app is loaded with useful features like a customer care chat feature and mobile check depositing, if you have a compatible account.

You’re not left entirely alone to monitor your card, either. One great feature of your AOPA World Mastercard® is that by opting in to Alerts from Commerce Bank, you can automatically receive notifications about suspicious activity, password changes and payment due dates. These notifications are made even better and more convenient by the customizations cardholders can make in their format – so whether you’d like to get texts, emails or push notifications, you’re set.

Protecting your private financial information can be intimidating, which is why the AOPA World Mastercard® has all of these features to make it as seamless as possible. With these resources and one less worry on your plate, we hope you can go out and do your best flying yet!

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