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Garmin GI 275 EIS ‘single page’ enhancement optimizes user experience

“We’ve really focused hard on the engine indication system and what we’ve done with the software update to make it an incredibly comprehensive solution with single page,” said Jim Alpiser, Garmin director of aviation aftermarket sales. “The one biggest thing we did was create this really great summary page of everything that you could possibly really need on a single display. We actually did optimize the sizing of the gauges as well. You would think by putting more information on a single display you might lose some clarity, you might have to shrink some things down—but really not. We’ve actually been able to do this, and actually reduce the size of some of the fonts, as well.”

The improved EIS page layout includes a new bar graph on the main EIS page displaying exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and cylinder head temperature (CHT) for individual cylinders. For quicker and easier interpretation of engine data, font sizes of select EIS values have been increased, Garmin said in a news release. In addition, a new combined EGT/CHT page shows these indications on a single page for simplified monitoring. Other new features include improved fuel tank bar gauges, and the ability to display engine percent power at the top of the screen, the company said.

A new flight summary page contains aircraft timers, maximum RPM and temperature limitations for the engine, and fuel and lean data that is dynamically updated throughout the flight for real-time analysis in the air, along with a comprehensive postflight review of engine data on the ground, Garmin said in the news release.

“Shortcuts have been added with increased touch functionality to enable pilots to quickly access more detail on specific EIS data.” A single touch of the EGT/CHT indications on the main page switches the display to the dedicated EGT/CHT page; touching the fuel gauge from the main page will switch to the fuel computer page; and touching the RPM area on any page will return to the main page. Pilots can now “customize the AUX Page EIS fields relevant to their flight with user selectable buttons accessed via the touch screen.”

EIS data can be streamed and viewed in real-time on the Garmin Pilot App, with the data later uploaded automatically to for storage and further review, the company said.

“We’ve worked hard to package the kit and the pricing for the sensors, so you’ll see the solution starting at under $4,000, but we also have additional savings of $250 here at AirVenture for attendees,” said Alpiser.

Existing Garmin GI 275 EIS installations can gain these enhancements through a software upgrade.

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