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Gogo stepping up to 5G

June 22, 2021

Gogo Business Aviation reports that its Avance L5 and L3 in-flight connectivity systems have reached several milestones. They’re now installed on 2,000 business aircraft, have flown nearly 600,000 flights, and have consumed 262.61 terabytes of data. All this since October 2017, when the first Avance L5 entered into service.

Photo courtesy of GoGo. The Avance L3, which debuted in 2018, is a smaller, lighter design than the L5, aimed at turboprops and light jets. Gogo’s earlier ATG system is installed in 5,892 aircraft.

The Avance L5 delivers a 4G experience to airplanes ranging from light jets to larger, global-range business jets, and now Gogo says that it will be able to use Gogo’s new 5G network, which is scheduled to be launched in 2022.

GoGo says its systems are used by the largest fractional ownership fleets, charter operations, corporate flight departments, and individually owned airplanes, and that both the L5 and L3 systems are certified for virtually every aircraft make and model, whether installed at the factory or as an aftermarket add-on.

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