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Hazardous Attitudes

Accident Case Study

July 11, 2022

It’s an overcast afternoon on February 3, 2019, when the pilot of a Cessna 414 Chancellor departs Fullerton Municipal Airport in California. He plans to fly VFR to Minden, Nevada, 320 nautical miles to the north.

Join the AOPA Air Safety Institute as we follow the flight that four minutes after departure encounters instrument meteorological conditions—weather air traffic control had warned the pilot about. Within another two minutes things turn from bad to ugly, in microburst conditions, turbulence, and rain showers. Learn how hazardous attitudes can betray pilots who don’t heed warnings.

AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

AOPA Air Safety Institute Staff members share a deep passion for aviation safety. As compassionate pilots, we bring together safety research, analysis, and knowledge in creative ways to share aviation safety education with you—with the ultimate goal of one day having zero fatal accidents in GA.

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