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Working to Make General Aviation Affordable

We are looking to reclassify general aviation from being perceived as a rich man’s sport, to an affordable, attainable, and convenient solution for the general public. In addition, there is a global pilot shortage which is anticipated to get even worse. It is our goal to purchase aircraft that will be made available to club members for flight training, time building, or private travel.

Our goal is to make this opportunity as affordable as possible, so we are hoping to fundraise in order to offset some of the initial expenses of aircraft acquisition and to offer a free ground school to encourage membership. The more members we have paying dues, the more affordable the opportunity becomes. Members will pay a monthly fee for access to the aircraft and an hourly operational fee for usage of the aircraft. Monthly fees will be set to cover fixed costs such as a hangar, principle/interest payments, and insurance, while operational charges will be used to establish maintenance and overhaul reserves associated with the specific aircraft.

Please use the button below or contact us directly if you are interested in giving to the club.

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