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iPreFlight Genesis Pro improves flight ops collaboration

Dispatchers can take advantage of access to a wide array of resources, including global routing, runway performance, weight and balance, and flight plan calculations and filing.

In addition, the iPad application allows flight crews to access and modify trip plans at any point during flight. This includes the ability to verify runway performance calculations and check weight-and-balance parameters. Built with dispatchers and crews in mind, iPreFlight Genesis Pro can enhance collaboration and accuracy by significantly decreasing the time needed to adjust plans.

“Flight preparation boils down to one important question: What is the most safe, compliant, efficient, and timely manner to get to my destination based on optimized routing considering my aircraft’s performance capabilities,” said Shawn Mechelke, president of the Aviation Group at AFV Partners. “iPreFlight Genesis Pro brings together the many data, calculations, and performance considerations into a seamless interface that is powerful, easy to use, and integrated in both mobile and web applications—no matter where in the world a mission takes you.”

AFV Partners, run by serial entrepreneur and investor Tony Aquila, brought the group together under its banner to incorporate the best-practice capabilities of APG (runway performance for over 350 aircraft profiles and over 9,000 monitored airports), RocketRoute (global routing and filing), and Seattle Avionics (global ChartData).

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