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IS&S offers retrofit autothrottles for CJ series aircraft

The IS&S autothrottle is standard equipment on the Beechcraft King Air 260 and 360 and is available for retrofit on the King Air 200 and 300 as well as the Pilatus PC–12 Legacy and NG.

“We are taking the technology we have developed, and we are going to apply it to a series of Citation jets that don’t have autothrottle,” said IS&S Chairman and CEO Geoffrey Hedrick. “And, we believe that those aircraft will also benefit from our technology.”

ThrustSense allows the pilot to automatically control the power setting of the engines and speed targets from takeoff to the landing phase of flight, including go-around. The autothrottle system is engaged for takeoff and advances the throttle levers to the takeoff detent on jets. After the five-minute takeoff power setting, the throttles are automatically repositioned to the climb MCT detent.

IS&S’s LifeGuard system provides VMCA protection, eliminating the low-and-slow challenges associated with twinjet operations. LifeGuard also manages engine power throughout all phases of flight, eliminating over-/underspeed situations, and further reducing pilot workload, the company said.

IS&S, based in Exton, Pennsylvania, is “a systems integrator that designs and manufactures flight guidance and cockpit display systems” for original equipment manufacturers and retrofit applications.

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