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Jackson Hole Airport to temporarily close next month

From April 11 until June 28, Jackson Hole Airport will undergo a $44 million airport improvement project, including renovations to its runway, new runway lights and updated drainage, and upgrades to its terminal.

The 78-day closure means an unprecedented amount of traffic for nearly every airport in the greater Yellowstone region—especially Idaho’s Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport. Just 18 miles northwest of Jackson, Driggs-Reed is the nearest airport able to accommodate the influx of business jets—however, limited ramp space exists.

To prepare for the high volume of traffic, AOPA worked to provide information to Teton Aviation Center, located at Driggs-Reed , on a Prior Permission Required (PPR) program and a notam designed to help stem the tide in advance of the closure.

According to its website, Teton Aviation Center is expecting to see more traffic during the Jackson Hole Airport closure than it normally sees during an entire summer. The FBO plans to extend hours, increase staff, and lease and buy new equipment to meet the anticipated demand. It is recommended that pilots call ahead to make a reservation to ensure their aircraft can be accommodated.

As part of its new procedures during the Jackson Hole Airport closure, Teton Aviation Center will require PPR for all aircraft flying in and out of Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport. There will be 1.5-hour slots that pilots can reserve in advance.

Additionally, because Driggs-Reed is nontowered, Teton Aviation Center is reminding pilots of safe operations including standard entries into the traffic pattern. Those looking for currency flights and practice are asked to do so at other nearby less busy airports.

Pilots can find more detailed information on the new procedures by visiting Teton Aviation Center’s website.

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