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Joby to advance carbon credits with JetBlue, Signature

Joby is developing an electrically powered eVTOL, the S4, that it says will fly a pilot and four passengers 150 miles without producing any operating emissions. The company’s ridesharing service is planned for a 2024 launch.

The three partners in the carbon-credit offering are working together to ensure that the carbon markets for aviation include the generation of credits for flight powered by green electric and hydrogen propulsion technologies. This way, airlines and other operators would add additional offsets to balance any carbon-related emissions they produce. Using sustainable aviation fuel is another way that airlines and other aviation firms can reduce and offset their emissions. Further details of Joby’s carbon-offset structure are expected later this year.

“With JetBlue and Signature, we’re opening up an entirely new path for the aviation industry to more quickly move to sustainable energy sources,” said JoeBen Bevirt, founder and CEO of Joby Aviation. “We invite additional partners to join us and hope these agreements will be the first of many that link today’s air travel to the clean future of flight.”

“This partnership allows JetBlue to not only continue to fulfill our domestic carbon neutrality commitment, but also to evolve the type of offsets we purchase and help support the development of electric and hydrogen aviation—critical levers for meeting the U.S. aviation industry’s net-zero goal,” said Sara Bogdan, head of Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance at JetBlue.

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