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King Schools gives You Can Fly students a lift

The King You Can Fly Kit includes private pilot ground school and test prep courses, as well as the pilot communication course. Normally priced at $328, the courses are offered to You Can Fly students for $99. The commercial drone pilot course, normally $129, will be available to participating high schools for $59.

“We’re excited to work with King Schools to make learning resources available to high school students nationwide,” said AOPA Foundation Senior Vice President Elizabeth Tennyson.

King Schools also announced two 2023 scholarships at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, which focus on initial CFI and CFI add-on certificates; both are now open for applications. The two scholarships are presented with the National Association of Flight Instructors and Women in Aviation International.

The company also plans to offer CFIs free access to all King Schools courses to better allow the CFIs to follow student progress. King Schools CEO Barry Knuttila said he expects this CFI perk to be available in the fall.

Knuttila also noted that Martha King received the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award on July 27. The award requires a nomination and only FAA-certificated pilots who have flown safely for 50 years are eligible.

“Those 50 years really sum up an amazing career in flying so far,” said Knuttila.

In a departure from aviation training content, the Kings have written a new book called LIFT: How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Successful Business. It will be published on October 11. Knuttila said that the book focuses on entrepreneurship and is not aviation-business specific, though it does use aviation examples throughout.

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