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MyGoFlight HUD gets FAA approval

The HUD is priced at $29,500 and should take three to five days to install. The HUD’s combiner mounts at the top of an airplane’s windshield and projects see-through imagery that includes an attitude indicator, a flight director, a pitch ladder, airspeed and altitude tapes, a CDI and mini-HSI, plus numerical and text navigation information—including groundspeed, fuel flow, and manifold pressure.

On an instrument approach, you can see all this information—plus the runway environment—through the HUD. If you’re on course and glide path on an ILS approach, the flight director’s flight path marker will appear in the runway approach zone.

The SkyDisplay has been in the works for three years. A flight report on the unit appeared in the February 2020 issue of AOPA Pilot.

So far, the SkyDisplay has been installed in MyGoFlight’s Cirrus SR22 and in four Air Tractor AT–802F “Fire Boss” water bombers. As the HUD is installed in other airplanes, they’ll be added to the STC. So far, 19 owners have signed up for the HUD.

The MyGoFlight HUD represents the first such equipment available to general aviation piston and turbine singles and twins. With features nearly identical to the high-end HUDs costing $500,000 or more on large business jets, this new STC symbolizes a new world of capabilities to the aircraft that need it most.

SkyDisplay HUD EVS

MyGoFlight also showcased a new option for its HUD—an enhanced vision system (EVS). The EVS projects an infrared view on the HUD, allowing better visibility of the terrain and weather ahead under both day and night conditions. MyGoFlight says that the EVS will “allow pilots to make it easier to fly around weather, turn night into day, and aid in ‘seeing’ through smoke and light fog—all while keeping eyes outside.”

The “Fire Boss” Air Tractors mentioned earlier have their HUDs equipped with the EVS system. According to MyGoFlight CEO Charles Schneider, their pilots can spot fires in their earliest stages using EVS—well before aerial spotters could locate hot spots.

The EVS option’s hardware and software is priced at $5,000. Customers must provide their own thermal imaging cameras. The EVS and HUD can be installed concurrently.

Schneider said that over 20 FAR Part 23 piston, turboprop, and light jet aircraft have committed to pre-certification positions for the SkyDisplay.


MyGoFlight also revealed a new line of USB chargers called InfinityPower. These two-part, panel-mount units can accommodate USB A-, B-, and C- powered devices. The power base module is the panel-mount socket, and the USB modules are inserted into it.

Schneider said that “USB technology has changed in form factor and power levels more than five times in the past 10 years.

“Portable electronics have become more and more power hungry, and the industry has responded with fast upgrades to meet that need … unfortunately, the time and cost it takes to re-open a panel, remove the previous unit and install another is both time-consuming and costly. Not anymore. Install the power base module once. Insert USB module. Upgrade as desired with a simple twist that anyone can do at any time.”

The price of both the power base module and each USB module will be $175. Introductory orders are priced at $150 for each component.

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