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Oahu’s Kawaihapai Airfield lives to see another flight

February 9, 2022

AOPA leadership, local AOPA members, and the airport community gathered for two events—a pilot town hall on Kauai and an appreciation brunch on Oahu—in Hawaii in January to celebrate saving Kawaihapai Airfield (also known as Dillingham Airfield).

AOPA President Mark Baker recognized State Sen. Gil Riviere for his critical role in saving Kawaihapai Airfield from closure during AOPA's appreciation brunch at the airfield. Photo by Melissa McCaffrey.

During both events, AOPA President Mark Baker shared national and regional updates on top issues affecting general aviation in Hawaii and across the country. Baker expressed his appreciation for everyone involved in this successful endeavor.

AOPA members from all over Hawaii and several of the 11 airport businesses that employ over 130 people at the airfield attended the appreciation brunch where AOPA offered thanks to all involved in saving the airfield.

Executive Director of Save Dillingham Airfield Ben Devine received a certificate of appreciation for his work on behalf of AOPA and the GA community.

State Sen. Gil Riviere (D-District 23) was also in attendance and recognized for his indispensable efforts to save the airfield from closure.

AOPA will remain on the front lines of issues in Hawaii to ensure GA continues to thrive at Dillingham Airfield for years to come. On March 6 and 7, AOPA will host two safety days on Oahu to ensure we are taking a lead on prioritizing a positive safety culture in Hawaii.

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