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One lovable little library

The community collection of books exists to offer kids a chance to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) via reading.

The library is a miniature replica of the World War II-era hangar on the field. The “hangar” doors open to reveal the literary treasure inside. Initially, the library was stocked with about 50 books geared toward students in kindergarten through high school.

The project was led by the Inspire Aviation Foundation, a Georgia nonprofit that hopes to establish the Georgia Air and Space Museum and Education Center at the airport.

In a press release, organizers said they hope to connect with young minds.

“With this library, we don’t just want to inspire, we want to connect,” said Moreno Aguiari, president of the board of directors of the Inspire Aviation Foundation. “Our ultimate goal is to connect starting with children and show them a new world that’s possible, but then to stay with them throughout their lives as we support them in pursuing aerospace careers and beyond. This library is a small but important step as we move forward in our overall development plans for an educational museum.”

Airport officials welcome the addition. Mario Evans, airport director, is quoted saying: “Our Little Free Library doesn’t just belong to us, it belongs to the whole community.”

The library is accessible to the public just inside the entrance to the administration building located at 2000 Airport Road, near the public playground.

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