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Pathway to an aviation career

Developed to transform the way pilots can create and cultivate a career, Pilot Pipeline is a software tool that began for members of the military who were making the transition to civilian life. The focus is on those interested in aviation-related careers (regardless of whether they had an aviation assignment in the armed forces), and the web tool is available to all.

Launched in September 2020, Pilot Pipeline centralizes and organizes the relevant information a person needs to navigate the complex process of becoming a pilot.

“Pilot Pipeline was founded with a vision of lowering the barrier to entry in the aviation industry,” said Pilot Pipeline CEO and co-founder Bryan O’Neill. “Our career management platform provides anyone of any background with the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming a professional pilot.”

The site is geared toward four stages of future or current pilot:

  • Aspiring pilot.
  • Pilot in training.
  • Military pilot.
  • Professional pilot.

Pilot Pipeline’s complex career management software leverages machine learning to gather each user’s goals and background information; curate custom, step-by-step pathways; and enable users to accomplish their goals.

Within each module, users can navigate the aviation industry and create a map to their desired career. In addition, users are able to receive instant feedback on the cost, earnings, and time requirement for every step of their desired career, as well as navigate more than $25 million in aviation scholarships.

The career management module is free to use, although there is a fee for the school finder (veterans can use this tool free of charge).

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