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Piper corrects service bulletin error

The revised Service Bulletin 1375B supersedes SB 1375A and corrects a problem with the landing gear replacement fasteners specified in the previous bulletin that can lead to separation. The new bulletin calls for inspection and possible replacement of the fasteners that secure the main landing gear to the wing spar. The updated service bulletin applies to a broad range of Piper single-engine piston models in the PA–28 and PA–32 lines, with specified serial numbers. It calls for inspection of aircraft with at least 2,000 hours time in service at the next service event (or 100 hours, whichever comes first) to confirm that the fastener holes in the wing spar have not been enlarged beyond a specified tolerance. If that is the case, the bulletin notes that replacement hardware (larger fasteners) may restore the correct tolerances, though other repairs may be required.

Piper noted that owners who complied with SB 1375A may have already replaced the original factory fasteners, and, “if any of the four factory original screws in the upper flange were replaced with oversize fasteners as part of compliance with SB1375A, contact Piper for disposition.”

A Piper Aircraft spokesperson did not respond to an email seeking clarification of what assistance Piper may provide to owners who complied with the previous bulletin on this issue.

The updated bulletin includes a recurring inspection requirement every 2,000 hours following the initial inspection.

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