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Prepare for summer adventure

June 17, 2022

What’s on your flying bucket list this summer? Hopefully, your plans include flying with friends to a local aviation event or visiting one of the many popular general aviation destinations in your area.

In preparation for your summer adventures, be sure to check out the series of videos created by Garmin for pilots to learn how to use Garmin avionics with SiriusXM weather to mitigate risks and avoid weather like convective activity and icing. Pilots can also learn how to use the turbulence overlay to find a smooth flight and hear firsthand how a pilot used METARs to determine where to divert when a cloud layer kept her from her destination. Watch the entire series at  

Summer is also time for the Air Race Classic, and Lin Caywood, and her team Freakin Awesome will once again be flying in this year’s race June 21 through 24. Lin, the race’s Safety Director, knows all too well how weather can impact your route. She relies on SiriusXM weather to look at the big picture as well as dial in on details such as lightening and where the fronts or turbulence are reported. Watch Lin’s video (All-in on in aviation with instructing, 99s, PALS, and more with ARC Safety Director Lin Caywood – YouTube) to hear her talk about how SiriusXM weather provides her with a level of safety in her cockpit and how it’s up-to-date weather information helped her while flying a leg through the mountains during her 4th Air Race Classic.

What do you call an airplane that flies backwards?  A receding airline! Let SiriusXM comedy channels give you a break from the bad dad jokes on your long summer cross countries. Plus, no summer trip is complete without some good tunes! Get a 2 month trial of SXM entertainment and see other SiriusXM offers at –

SiriusXM Aviation

SiriusXM’s satellite-delivered weather is always available inflight with no altitude limitations or line-of-sight restrictions. It provides coast-to-coast, high-resolution radar and weather features not available with ADS-B – helping you know what weather lies ahead so you can fly with confidence. To receive a two month trial of SiriusXM Aviation Weather and Entertainment or learn more about other SiriusXM offers, please go to

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