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Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race postponed

Ultimately, insufficient sponsorships drove the NAA decision to postpone the Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race indefinitely.

“The NAA intends to host a world class race event for this new class of aircraft. However, economic conditions and a strong priority by the aircraft manufacturers on product development and certification hampered our ability to secure the necessary sponsorships in time for a race in 2023,” said NAA President and CEO Greg Principato in a January 27 press release.

The 1,000-nautical-mile race will be exclusively open to zero-emission electric propulsion aircraft. Fixed-wing airplanes, rotorcraft, and multi-rotor aircraft, among other innovative electric designs, are encouraged to participate when the race resumes, though it’s unclear whether it will be this year.

Principato is confident the organization will resume the race, stating, “The NAA remains fully committed to holding the Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race as an exciting venue for the advancement of practical electric propulsion aircraft.”

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