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Ready to Get to the Airlines Faster?

As airline hiring accelerates past pre-pandemic numbers, a shortage of qualified pilots is expected to reach critical levels in as little as two years. This creates a unique opportunity for aspiring pilots to establish their careers, but getting to the airlines first is crucial before the hiring wave.

Airlines operate on a seniority-based system, and the pilots employed longer have their choice of location, schedule, and equipment. More importantly, they will upgrade to regional airline captains before lower seniority pilots, allowing them to gain experience and move on to the major airlines sooner. Pilots who get to the airlines first advance their careers faster and enjoy higher earnings and quality of life.

Specializing in airline pilot training, ATP Flight School has long since recognized the importance of seniority and the impact it can have. The difference in seniority of just one class date could delay a pilot’s ability to upgrade to captain as well as his or her career advancement and earnings. With hiring back in full force, ATP has accelerated its proven Airline Career Pilot Program without compromises and reduced the time it takes pilots to gain certification. In just seven months, aspiring pilots starting with zero experience can become commercial multiengine pilots and flight instructors (CFI/II/MEI), allowing them to establish their airline career that much sooner. For students starting with a private pilot certificate, the timeline is a mere five months.

This accelerated timeframe is made possible through a strict focus on efficiency with the student’s time and investment while undertaking extensive capital investments. A carefully scheduled program outline based on the principles of full immersion training – used by the airlines – helps students gain proficiency more effectively and rapidly build their knowledge and skills. Continued deliveries of new airplanes and the nation’s largest training fleet ensure ample aircraft availability, while a nationwide network of pilot examiners reduces testing delays. Newly constructed and expanded training centers in Dallas, and Jacksonville and Fort Myers, Florida, along with the opening of over 20 new locations, increase capacity and allow students greater access to resources.

Critical to providing the fastest path to airline pilot is the introduction of ATP Elevate Ground School. Each private pilot student now attends a seven-week ground school, leveraging ATP’s proprietary curriculum. Thirty modules of instruction are delivered live, virtually, by ATP’s nationally recognized instructor group. As students progress to the instrument rating stage, they’ll attend the five-week ATP Elevate Instrument Ground School. The interactive virtual format allows students to engage with fellow students across the country and from the convenience of their own home, reducing time spent commuting to a classroom.

The accelerated program offered by ATP is paired with 30 airline partnerships, providing graduates with a fast track to all major airlines. ATP students and instructors can choose from the best financial assistance and tuition reimbursement offers from regional airlines, with a defined career path to their major airline of choice, such as United Airlines through the Aviate program or American Airlines through the Envoy Air Cadet Program. Partnerships with Frontier Airlines and Sun Country Airlines further allow graduates to accelerate their careers directly from ATP to a first officer position in the A320 and B737.

In an industry where seniority is everything, now more than ever, aspiring pilots need to get to the airlines first and establish their careers to get to the top of the seniority list. With a seven-month timeline, new aircraft and locations, Elevate ground school, and airline partnerships proven by 635 graduates hired in the last 12 months, ATP delivers the fastest track to airline pilot.

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