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Redbird offers training, proficiency app

Pilots will be able to design a custom flight training curriculum and measure their currency and proficiency through online scenarios, maneuvers flown in flight simulators, and quizzes.

“GA pilots need … proficiency training with a plan,” said Josh Harnagel, Redbird vice president of marketing. “Redbird Pro lets them build a plan for themselves and measure their progress against it.”

The app recognizes areas where individual pilots are strong and where they’re weak, and it focuses on helping them improve.

“It’s the opposite of Amazon, which recommends the things you’re most likely to buy,” Harnagel said. “We recommend what you need to do and are least likely to do on your own.”

Redbird Pro will be available for iOS and Android devices. Photo courtesy of Redbird.

In addition to scenarios, Redbird Pro encourages honing specific skills such as flying ILS approaches in low visibility. It also shows articles on related topics.

The app is scheduled for release in the fall with a retail price of $15.99 a month for VFR content and $19.99 a month for VFR and IFR training.

At first, pilots will need a Redbird flight simulator to practice the scenarios. Later, the app will be available to use with X-Plane and other programs. Redbird also expects to incorporate flight data from actual flights in real airplanes through ForeFlight and CloudAhoy.

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