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Sim pilots about to get hands on Airbus flight controls from Thrustmaster Civil Aviation

Celebrating its expanding range of civil aviation flight sim accessories, Thrustmaster now offers a single bundle including all three of its highly successful, officially licensed Airbus products.

Plug-and-Play compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane on PC, the replica Airbus flight sim hardware is further evidence of Thrustmaster’s continued expertise in the category. The manufacturer has honed its skills and developed a unique level of know-how in the world of flight simulation, cementing its reputation as one of the global leaders in this high-tech sector.

The iconic sidestick and throttle quadrant mirror the original shapes and colors found in an Airbus A320/A330, with an incredibly authentic and lifelike feel on the different components. The TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition is reversable for left- or right-handed use, features a built-in thrust reverser, and 12 remappable action buttons. The dual-thrust TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition, when paired with the TCA Quadrant Add-on, replicates the real air brake, flaps, autobrake, and parking brake features found on world-famous Airbus airliners around the world. Two quadrants can be linked together to create a four-engine configuration like those found in the Airbus A380.

Like all Thrustmaster flight sim hardware, the TCA line features proprietary technology like the H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) system, giving it an unlimited lifespan of surgical precision, for even more realistic sensations — thanks to magnetic sensors providing up to 16-bit resolution. It remains the most accurate and durable flight sim hardware on the market.

The TCA line, paired with genre-defining software like Microsoft Flight Simulator, brings in-home flight simulation closer than it has ever been to replicating the authentic airliner experience. Button feel and response times, resistance on the thrust levers, and even the sounds that the individual components make when activated, offer the most immersive Airbus flight session imaginable.

For those who want to take their virtual piloting to the next level in one fell swoop, the TCA Captains Pack Airbus Edition brings all of this gear together in one bundle under $300. It will first be available at retail stores and online on October 12, 2021.

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