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Tecnam adapts P2012 for special missions

The company based in Capua, Italy, announced the arrival of the P2012 Sentinel SMP (Special Mission Platform) on September 15. Where the twin-engine P2012 Traveller, which entered service with Cape Air in 2019, is “sleek, modern and seductive,” the P2012 Sentinel SMP is dressed for work in “air-superiority grey, with a black vertical fin and a dedicated logo.” They share the same airframe, but the version made for passenger service is not optimized for electro-optical and infrared sensor packages such as the L3 Harris Wescam MX-series imaging systems.

Tecnam reports the P2012 Sentinel SMP can take off toting that sophisticated surveillance system (with one of three camera turret options), along with additional sensors such as radar, and full fuel tanks, and a crew of six, then fly for up to nine hours.

“The P2012 twin-engine design guarantees an exhaust-free field of view to the sensors, granting increased accuracy and ‘noise-free’ operations,” the company noted in its news release. “Moreover, the hatches’ position under the fuselage ensures a carbon-monoxide-free cabin that will enhance the safety of the crew members (one or two pilots and up to 5 mission operators).”

The P2012 SMP is an upgrade of Tecnam’s P2006T Twin SMP model, boosting payload, cabin space, and capabilities, including approval for flight into known icing conditions. It also provides a boost in versatility, as Tecnam has developed an optional quick-conversion kit to turn this special mission specialist into a people mover with 11 seats.

While Tecnam did not include any pricing in its announcement, the P2012 SMP was also touted as a cost-effective alternative to its rivals.

The P2012 SMP can be integrated with one of three models of the L3 Harris Wescam MX-series imaging system. Photo courtesy of Tecnam.

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